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Ashley Lewis Professional Photography Fees and charges

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Our charging methodology is simple, open and available on our website. We don't understand why some photographers keep it a secret and will only quote a price once you contact them! We have no hidden costs, clear and unambiguous pricing to suit businesses of all sizes.

We charge everything on a 'day rate' basis. We agree a timeframe based on what you actually need and the location. We don't charge travel costs as we find it more simple to start the clock when we leave the office and stop it when we leave your location. Therefore travel time to a location forms part of the day rate, travel home is in our own time and we pick up all of our travel and potential accommodation costs. We will expect any licence and / or location entry or hire fees to be paid directly by yourselves. We count a typical working day as 9 hours assuming you allow us to take some time out for lunch etc. We don't charge extra for weekends or unsociable hours either.

If you have any specific service or specialist requirements, please let us know. Extended assignments, requiring multiple visits or locations may qualify for reduced 'Project' rates if booked at the same time.

The prices include taking as many images as required to get you what you want and any standard post processing and / or retouching. If you want to use our studio as a location there will be no extra charge to you.

You may want us to bring an assistant to help speed up the photography. For example if you want multiple product shots, once set up by the Photographer, an assistant can continue with capturing the images. If we decide that we want to bring an assistant along to help with set up etc. we'll do this at our own expense.

If we need more than one photographer at an event (we can't be in all places at once!), like a sports event where we may need to cover the start/finish and get images in the field, we need to talk and look at the options. We can have as many photographers at an event as you need but that clearly adds cost.

We invest tens of thousands of pounds in equipment each year and like to think we have every gadget going. But there's always something specialist that may be needed that we just can't justify the purchase. In these cases we may need to hire something like a specialist lens, the full cost of this (at cost price) will be chargeable.

Our studio set up is fully portable, we even have a generator for remote locations and vehicles that can get us and our equipment to most locations.


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