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We use various social media and online platforms to share, publicise and enable image downloads and sales, the platform we use for each project mostly depends on the customers specific requirements. Click on each icon to go to our social media sites where we are able to show some projects with the clients permission.


m8In general we use SmugMug for the high end, corporate and commercial commissions or sports events, social events, parties and weddings where guests can buy and download or order prints from the event. The main site can be seen here.. Some of the commissions we are able to showcase publicly here include Compton House, a lovely bespoke, quirky hotel in the charming town of Axebridge in Somerset. Compton-House

item4Flickr is great to use when you know lots of clients are going to view your images as it's probably the most common platform used in general. Flickr therefore makes it easy for clients to download and share so we use Flickr for sports events, social events, parties and weddings.

instagram2Everyone uses Instagram for capturing snaps on their mobile phones. This is great for us at parties and events as we can enable party guests to #hashtag us and we can then print, on location, their snaps of the night.

item8Good old Twitter, used by many just to communicate with us. We're always online to answer questions so please follow us.

facebook2Facebook has become one of our best marketing tools. Most of our event projects, especially Studio Selfie, are generated through Facebook. Please log in an 'Like' our page.

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